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Fingerprint SecurityThere are many options when it comes to high-tech access solutions and Allied has effective, efficient solutions for any security need.

  • Computer Generated Key Systems
  • Access Control Cards/Codes
  • Biometric Access Control (fingerprints)
  • Key Access Control & Keypads
  • Badge Readers & Badging Software
  • Proximity Readers & Cards

Secure your assets, people and facilities against unauthorized access. Easily adapts to multiple facilities or single locations, easily provide access to employees from anywhere with a smartphone.

SchlageWhen a special situation needs a special solution that provides ease of use and implementation, depend on Schlage's reliability and technology for single family to multi-family to business installations. Affordable and secure solutions that can adapt to any situation are provided. Schlage's Allegion Overtur technology offered.

Perfect for small and medium size businesses to open a door with a code. Simple to update from desktop or smart phone and provides an audit trail. Innovative design, reliable and easy to use.

Codelocks Smart Lock


I have too many keys to carry around plus I have restricted access to certain areas.


Simplify things and make them safe with keypads, access cards and finger template locks. This also eliminates the need to rekey your locks when keys are lost or stolen, or when there is employee turnover.

Your Trusted Partner

From keypads and hardware to the latest surveillance and access technologies, Allied has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the most effective and efficient means of securing your business or properties. We provide access systems of all sizes, from single-door access control to a browser-based, multi-site system controlling hundreds of entry points. In addition to our services, we provide, install and maintain the hardware and products necessary to manage access systems.

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